Summer or Winter?

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Summer or winter?

A question that frequently comes to the mind of travel and tourism lovers is: is summer in Turkey or winter better for tourism and travel?

“Musa Tourism” responds.

In fact, it is not possible to say with certainty which of the two seasons is better, due to the difference and diversity of tastes, but Musa Tourism Services shows you what distinguishes the summer season in Turkey, and what distinguishes the winter season, and after reviewing the advantages of both seasons, you can form an opinion.

Below we will review a simple comparison between traveling to Turkey in the summer season and the winter season.

Summer in Türkiye

• Summer weather in Türkiye is ideal

Summer in Turkey is distinguished from other seasons. It is the ideal weather for traveling to the majority of the states of Turkey, and it is suitable for practicing all the common and enjoyable tourist activities and events, such as visiting historical and natural landmarks, beaches, hiking, camping, etc.

• Summer is the most suitable time for students.

Summer is the time when students take their annual vacation, and it is the most convenient and lonely time, especially for families.

• Summer means more time.

The day in the summer is longer, due to the long difference between sunrise and sunset, which means that tourists have more time to explore and have fun.

• Summer...the perfect time for the beaches

Summer is the ideal time for the beaches, whether for practicing water sports, such as swimming, surfing, or relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sea, especially at sunset. There is no doubt that summer is the ideal time for that.

Winter in Türkiye

• Winter weather in Türkiye, unique weather.

The winter in Turkey is usually cold, and the rain is heavy, and perhaps for several days the rain does not stop, and this may be enjoyable for some, as every season has its lovers, and tourists can enjoy the snow and rain, and ice skating, in addition to the magical touch of the beauty added to the natural landmarks, and the radiance of... The colors resulting from the absence of the sun, perhaps for days, make you feel the uniqueness of the moment you are living in this atmosphere.

• Cost is lower in winter.

Many people tend to travel during the summer to spend their vacation, which leads to an increase in prices for all services, whether flight prices, hotel reservations, car rentals and other services, unlike the winter season when prices decrease significantly.

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