Advantages of car rental in Istanbul

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In general, everyone searches for comfort when it comes to the car, buying a new car brings many other steps necessary, such as; accident insurance and heavy tax payments, not to mention annual maintenance and periodic cleaning, and many other stressful procedures, which require a lot Of money, which made many people search for an alternative purchase solution.

In recent years, the phenomenon of car rental has spread significantly, due to the many advantages that car rental brings instead of buying, so we have compiled for you in this article all the advantages of car rental in Istanbul.

Car rental features

Car rental is a practical and easy solution, especially for those people who do not need the car every day, besides those who need it on holidays, special occasions and travel only. 

Here are the most important advantages of car rental in Istanbul:

Economical and cheap

Car rental is economically available, as the person has to pay fuel financing fees and pay the daily rent of the car only, that is comprehensive accident and maintenance and cleanliness insurance, so the car rental is more profitable than the purchase, usually the car rental results in lower monthly payments by 30% to 60% off the car purchase.

New car and modern technology

Obtaining a new car every time you intend to rent, as most car rental companies provide the newest types of cars, with high technology, modern technologies, and global safety and communication features, those that are close to zero or that do not exceed three years old.

Quality of life and freedom of movement

If you are planning to travel, the car rental service is an ideal solution, as the car allows you to visit all remote and charming places, which are difficult to visit by public transport and taxis, especially if you are in a country other than your own, not to mention saving the money that results from frequent use of a car Fare, and the convenience of traveling from one place to another without waiting for bus stop schedules and public transportation.

Safe trading

There may be a problem when it is time to sell a used car, as you lose a lot of money, but in the case of car rental, you do not have to worry about fluctuations in the value of the car when you want to return it again, just hand the car over to the rental car company, and exchange it What you want from a huge fleet of modern cars available.

Warranty and maintenance coverage

The car rental price includes warranty and regular maintenance, so you do not have to worry about any damage to the car, as the rental fees you pay are comprehensive repairing minor damages that result during the rental period, and no additional fees should be paid when the car is delivered.

Provide payment of taxes

Car rental provides a lot of tax fees, whether it is on the entire car or even fuel financing fees, as the rental price includes a simple payment of those taxes, which you do not feel at all, but when buying a car, you must pay sales tax on the total value of the car In addition to exorbitant financing fees.

At Musa Cars, we offer the most reliable and new cars, those that are equipped with the latest global technology and technologies, along with a full tank of fuel, especially for those who are looking for a car to travel and do not have time to buy fuel, all at competitive prices and distinct compared to the car rental market in Istanbul.

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