What is the Periodic Service?

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What is Periodic Service?

The wisdom that says “prevention is better than cure” is not just a saying that applies to humans only, but also to the car. Periodic service is one of the very important things to preserve the car, keep all its parts safe from sudden breakdowns, and ensure the safety of its user while driving. But what is meant by maintenance? Rotating the car? What is the basic function of Periodic Service? What is the importance of periodic car inspection? What is the expected lifespan of car parts?

Musa Cars Car Rental answers all these questions.

• What is meant by Periodic Service?

Periodic Service of the car is a set of preventive measures that the car needs periodically, to inspect all the external and internal parts of the car, and aims to prevent sudden malfunctions in the future, which leads to ensuring the safety of the car and its driver. The car is a machine that is affected by period and misuse, and were it not for the periodic maintenance process; Because its performance is negatively affected, and its life span is reduced.

• What is the basic functionality of Periodic Service? Or what is the benefit of it?

1- Extending the car’s virtual life.

Periodic Service is checking all the basic parts that can only perform their function, which extends its lifespan, protects it from premature wear and damage, and avoids replacing your car’s original parts with others that may not be original.

2- Maintaining the safety of the car from future malfunctions.

Periodic Service helps avoid troubles and problems expected to occur in the future, and repair them before it is too late, so that early detection of problems that may be exposed to; It avoids damage to the car on the road while driving, saving you effort and time in reaching maintenance centers

3- Improving the performance of the car.

Periodic Service early reveals hidden defects that you cannot discover with your naked senses, which helps improve the car’s working performance and maintain its safety for the longest possible time.

4- Maintaining the financial value of the car.

Dealing with problems that may appear with the car during its periodic service, and addressing them as soon as possible; It helps you avoid high costs before the problem gets worse, and periodic service helps you get a better price when selling the car if you want to sell it.

• What are the necessary checks and maintenance related to the vehicle’s mileage?

1- The necessary inspection after traveling a distance of 10,000 kilometers:

o Change the engine oil, new oil means a new filter, and the oil filter must be changed at a maximum of 20,000 kilometers.

o Check the car's brakes and tires.

o Check the battery and connecting wires, and ensure they are free of calcifications.

2- The necessary inspection after traveling a distance of 30,000 kilometers:

o Check the car's cooling device, the fluid level inside it, and empty it of air if necessary.

o Examine the distribution chain and its parts, and ensure that there is no friction or contact between them.

o Check the condition of the exhaust, and ensure that it is free of traces of rust or pitting.

o Check the gear oil (gearbox or gearbox) and ensure its validity.

o Check all car hoses and ensure there are no leaks.

o Check the spark plugs and replace them if necessary.

3- The necessary inspection after traveling a distance of 60,000 kilometers:

o Change the spark plugs, even if they are in good condition.

o Change all filters.

o Check the gear oil and change it if necessary.

o Changing the distribution chain in quantity. We note here the difference in the required kilometers that must be changed, depending on the type of car and the quality of the chain, but in most cases all cars need to change the chain after covering a distance of 60,000 kilometers.

o Check the power steering oil level.

4- The necessary inspection after traveling a distance of 100,000 kilometers:

o Check the condition of safety airbags.

o Change the shock absorbers.

• What is the expected lifespan of car parts?

The expected lifespan of the car parts remains an estimate, as the expected lifespan of the parts varies depending on the extent of commitment to periodic service, and the method of use, and the expected lifespan is not measured by time, as much as it is measured by the kilometers used.


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